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Joint and Bone Health

In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), "the Kidneys are in charge of the Bones".  Thus, the growth, development and repair of skeleton are closely related to the function of Kidneys.  They promote the growth of bone marrow and the flow of (Kidney) Qi through the skeleton. Blood flow is the other factor that contributes to bone health.  Acupuncture promotes the Blood circulation by removing stasis and nutraceuticals encourage the production of new bone material.  The West Meet East Clinic offers the holistic approach to preventing and eradicating the source of bone disease.

Liver and Joint / Tendon Health

In TCM, "the Joint/Tendon belongs to Liver Zang".  Most of the people believe the pain and stiffness in the back, the neck and the joint are caused by incorrect walking postures, sleeping on the abdomen, sleeping with arms over the shoulder and slouching. Although these are common causes, there is another reason behind the joint pain and stiffness. That is your lifestyle and diet and the toxicity that it brings along with it. The toxic wastes make your joint sore and therein lay the relation between liver health and the cure of joint pain.

What exactly is the relation between liver health and the cure of joint pain? To understand this relation the first thing you will need to understand is how the functioning of the liver is related to the well being of your joints. Joint pain is essentially caused by blood stasis.


This means that for the smooth working of the joints proper blood circulation is required. Blood circulation is enhanced through cleansing and replenishing the blood, and through exercises. It is the former in which the liver plays an important role. Liver is the largest organ in your body that does the job of filtration.

Your liver filters out the chemicals and the toxic substances that enter your body.  These chemicals enters your system through the food you eat, the drinks you consume, various medications, street drugs and several chemicals present in your immediate environment.  Your liver functions effectively to filter these toxic materials and convert them to non toxic that are then excreted out.

Therefore your liver prevents these harmful materials from entering your blood and keeps your blood clean.  However, if your liver is filled with junk and is not properly nourished, it cannot filter out the waste your blood will be filled with it.  This will hinder blood circulation and therefore cause joint pains.  Therefore there is a very close relation between liver health and joint health.


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