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What do I expect from a typical visit? 

The first visit will include a consultation involving questions about your main complaints, medical history, and the general health of other functions in your body, such as digestion, sleep, urination, bowel movement, etc.  To conclude the consultation, a pulse and tongue analysis will be taken to further probe the imbalance of underlying conditions.

 The consultation will take 20 to 30 minutes depending on an individual’s case.  After the consultation, the doctor will discuss with you the best route of treatment for your symptoms and underlying conditions; it may involve acupuncture/cupping, herbal formula, nutritional supplement or some combination of these.

On the subsequent visits, the first five to ten minutes will be a follow-up consultation about the progress of your conditions and if any symptoms have changed.  If you are prescribed the treatment of acupuncture, every session lasts about 45-50 minutes.

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What do I have to prepare for an acupuncture treatment? 

Most patients are anxious before they receive acupuncture treatment for the very first time.  You may ask if acupuncture is safe.  We ensure our clients 100% safety by using only single use, disposable needles.  These stainless steel needles are sterilized and effective in the hands of a properly trained doctor.

Most patients find acupuncture treatment to be very relaxing.  You might be surprised to know that many patients do not even feel the needles once inserted.  This can be easily explained by the thinness of the needle which is thinner than a human hair and further the needle inserted quite superficially.  Other patients feel a heavy sensation at the needle insertion along the meridian that is being stimulated.  After your initial consultation and diagnosis, we will let you know exactly which acupuncture points require needling.  These points may change from treatment to treatment as your condition improves.

Often between 10 and 12 needles may be required during a single session; however, the number may vary depending on the severity of your conditions.  Once the needle inserted it is important to limit any body movement. On average, the needles will be left in for about 20 to 30 minutes.  The doctor will sometimes re-stimulate the points by manipulating the needles while they are inserted. This process is usually not even felt by you. In fact, most of our patients report drifting to sleep or dream states during the treatment.

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How many sessions do I need? 

The number of treatments required will vary depending on the severity, the length of illness, and the improvement of your conditions after each treatment.  On average, patients with chronic conditions require three months of consistent treatment and monitoring.  To help prepare your body to be in good health, the doctor will discuss your treatment program at your first visit.

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How does the Chinese herbs work? 

At the West Meet East Clinic, the herbs are prescribed in their raw form and their extract must be obtained by decocting.  Some of the herbs have a slightly bitter flavor; however, since the amount ingested is small, most patients tolerate them quite well.  Detail decocting instructions for your prescription will be given at the end of the session.

We do not store Chinese herbal products on site. Each prescription is unique for each patient and must be prepared only after careful consultation and diagnosis.  You have to pick up your prescription the next day.   Chinese herbs can be taken by all age groups.   The herbal reference guide is available for your reference.

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Are Chinese herbs safe to combine with western medications?  

Some western medical doctors believe that all herbal products are not safe, particularly to use in combination with western pharmaceuticals.  This is simply incorrect, but if necessary, the doctor may replace the herbal remedy with nutraceuticals instead.

How often should I receive acupuncture treatment?  
The frequency of acupuncture treatments depends entirely on the severity of disorder and underlying condition of each individual.  On average, patients require acupuncture between two to three times per week.  A written treatment plan will be created during your first initial visit to our clinic.  And you will receive a copy of the treatment plan. 

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Should I stop other medications when having acupuncture?  

No. You should continue to follow your current physician's instructions.  Remember that acupuncture is used to complement and supplement your physician's treatments, not to replace them. 

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What is the nutrition? 

Nutrition provides the body with building blocks to grow, protect and heal itself.  Personalized diets, vitamin and mineral, amino acid and enzymatic therapies may be used to promote optimal health, address deficiencies and treat disease processes.  Education about healthy food choices is also advised.   Classes on Chinese herbs, nutritional supplements, and acupressure for self-care, are held in our clinic frequently (each week).   Pre-registration is required.

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What do I expect from the Complete Whole Body System?  

According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, we treat the person as a whole.  Disorders and their symptoms are not dissected and treated independently.  Patients who are treated for eczema, for example, find that other symptoms they have such as colitis and Crohn’s, are also treated at the same time. That is a goal of TCM, not simply a byproduct.  To this end, there is one fee for treating the whole person, not an individual disorder.

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How are you different from other health professionals who may perform acupuncture?  

It is true that many health care practitioners in Ontario practice acupuncture.  Chiropractors, massage therapists, physiotherapists, and even medical doctors and dentists may practice some form of acupuncture.  Most of these health care professionals have taken weekend or short intensive courses in "Medical Acupuncture", "Anatomical Acupuncture" or some other needling courses.

They often use acupuncture as an adjunct therapy to their primary therapies.  However, few if any of these health care practitioners have the training and experience of true Traditional Chinese Medicine.  Anatomical or medical acupuncture is not based on traditional Chinese medicine. It is based on western medical systems.  The Acupuncture Council of Ontario sets the educational standard for anatomical or medical acupuncture regulation at only 220 hours training. On average, a university-level TCM program offers 4500 hours for the basic degree alone.  We are the experts in the field of Traditional Chinese Medicine, acupuncture and herbal prescriptions.

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What is Osteopathy?

Osteopathy is a holistic manual medicine approach that focuses on dysfunctional imbalances, and the correction of them, often these dysfunctions in the body will cause the body to compensate and cause irritation and inflammation, a gentle holistic approach that is suitable for all ages from the very elderly to the infants and newborns.

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What are the benefits of Osteopathic treatments?

Osteopathy helps with rebalancing joints, ligaments, muscles, fascia, tendons and organs. It is a drug free non invasive approach to balancing structures and functions of organs ,and has an important effect on optimal function of circulatory, nervous system and lymphatic system.

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