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Five Elements - Link the Human Body to the Natural Environment


Five elements digram

The Five Elements Theory puts Metal, Wood, Water, Fire and Earth as the basic elements of the material world. These elements are in constant movement and change. Moreover, the complex connections between five elements are explained through the relationship of interdependence and mutual restraint.

The Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioners use the Five Elements Theory to study the connections between the physiology and pathology of the Zang fu organs and tissues and the natural environment. On the basis of the phenomena's different characteristics, functions and forms, the complex links between physiology and pathology as well as the correlation between the human body and the natural environment were explained.

The Five Elements Theory assigns each of the five elements a series of abstract generalizations and then applies them to the classification of all phenomena. For instance, Wood involved the aspects of germination, extension, softness and harmony. Then anything with those characteristics should be inferred to the category of Wood element. As for the rest Five Elements: Fire involves the aspect of heat and flaring; Earth involves the aspects of growing, nourish and changing; Metal is associated with cleaning up, killing, strength and firmness and Water is associated with cold, moisture, and downward flowing.

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