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The strength of Chinese medicine lies within its ability to look at a variety of signs and symptoms and come to a better understanding of the underlying condition for a disease.  While pulse-taking and tongue observation are the two principle diagnostic tools in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), looking at the colours and qualities in a person’s face and body provide additional health information.  The key to the Chinese medicine treatment is to treat the person as a whole rather than individual symptoms, following the theory of Yin and Yang.  When Yin and Yang are out of balance, we get sick.

Acupuncture is one of the therapeutic techniques to unblock the Qi and Xue (Blood and Energy Flow) that are out of balance in disease.   According to Chinese medicine, there are 14 meridians (pathways) in the body; each meridian travels through a specific organ (Zang or Fu). Qi and Xue flow through these pathways to nourish the organs.  Each acupuncture point is considered as a switch that controls the flow of Qi. If the Qi does not flow properly, the meridian becomes blocked and illness results.  The World Health Organization (WHO) has confirmed the effective use of acupuncture for over 100 conditions.  Herbology is a healing art that is drawn from the ancient Chinese culture and the early original Natives. TCM practitioners/herbalists have studied the synergistic and curative properties of thousands plants (herbs) since the beginning of Chinese culture.  Personalized herbal formula is unique to TCM; it satisfies individuals’ needs promoting a speedy recovery from disorder or illness.

Nutraceuticals are combinations of nutrition and pharmaceutical.  This term refers to a product isolated or purified from foods that give therapeutic benefits to our health or provide protection against chronic illnesses. Practitioners today have a choice using medicinal herbal formulas, simple extracts or standardized nutraceutical supplements to treat the symptoms and underlying conditions of disorder or illness.

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