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Fertility Acupuncture


Women are often physically and emotionally depleted and have constrained energy that causes blockages, particularly in the pelvis.  These blockages may have presented as painful menstrual cramps, endometriosis, fibroid tumors, PMS symptoms, irregular cycles, polycystic ovarian syndrome.  Further, these disharmonies may result in difficulties with fertility by affecting different parts of the reproductive cycle - production of the egg, fertilization of the egg and implantation of the fertilized egg in the uterus.  Similar energy disturbances in men may result in poor sperm production, shape or mobility.  The aim of Acupuncture is to remove these blockages and to strengthen the flow of Qi and Blood to the reproductive organs.

Changing Your Mind About Infertility

Disease or malfunction is a disturbance in the "ecosystem" of the body, and health is restored by treating the entire system rather than fixing one part of it.  As physician Paracelsus put it, "The physician is only the servant of nature, not her master.  Therefore, it behooves medicine to follow the will of nature."

Our reproductive systems are not made up of isolated organs and batches of separate hormones.  Each element of the system must work together seamlessly so conditions will be right for pregnancy to occur.  When you restore the health of the body, a woman's reproductive system will do what it was designed to do naturally: conceive and carry to term a healthy child.

If you have been told that you are infertile, we have one message for you:  There is no such thing as infertility.

Correcting the "Conception Misconceptions" of Western Medicine

Western medicine shines in pinpointing the minutiae of physical ailments and disease.  The diagnostic tests, measurements of hormone levels, ultrasounds, genetic testing. and so on, are often excellent in telling us what is wrong with our organs, hormones, or genes.  However, such tests can sometime miss the forest because they are so busy looking at the veins in the leaf of a single tree.  And conventional medicine isn't capable of correcting some of the subtle underlying imbalances that might make a couple infertile in the first place, especially if those imbalances have to do with overall well-being.

The Western medical approach often is to flood the system with a synthetic version of the hormones the body should be producing in small amounts on its own.  However, Chinese medicine strives to return the body to balance so it can not only produce but also respond to its own hormones.  To use a metaphor from nature, it is the difference between dumping chemical fertilizer on a plant versus nurturing the soil with compost and other natural materials, thus bringing the plant into balance and producing healthy fruit organically.  

Traditional Chinese medicine holds that a woman's body must be gently nourished and encouraged to bear fruit.  It works to rebalance the delicate interplay of energies that occur each month, causing a woman to produce a healthy egg capable of fertilization and to prepare her uterine lining to receive that egg. 

The Ancient Chinese Program for Reproductive Wellness

Step One: Preparing the Reproductive System - Balancing Opposing Energies

You must first discover patterns of imbalance in the body. Then you must correct the imbalances in two ways: (1) where there is too much of anything, reduce it and (2) where there is too little of something, replenish it.  For our bodies to function properly, all our organs need balance. 

Step Two: Diet and Lifestyle - Taking care of Your Body Gently and Naturally

As soon as you start trying to have a baby, you will be told to quit alcohol and caffeine, take extra folic acid and calcium reduce our stress, keep our weight within narrow parameters, exercise moderately, and so on.  While all these directives can be frustrating and sometimes hard to follow, they address a critical area of fertility: the effects of diet and lifestyle on our ability to conceive.

Step Three: Clearing Your Energy with Acupuncture and Acupressure

Acupuncture has been known for more than 2000 years for helping balance a wide range of conditions affecting fertility.  There are several ways  to stimulate your acupuncture points.  The best known method is the use of acupuncture needles.  The metal needle conducts electricity through electron transfer and produces microtrauma and pressure, which are converted into an electrical message transmitted to another part of the body.

Step Four: Using Herbal Remedies to Promote Vibrant Reproductive Health

The herbal formulas developed by Chinese physicians through the centuries help women enhance their reproductive potential by harmonizing the endocrine system, which regulated the menstrual cycle Herbs contain natural energetic substances whose essence gently corrects underlying deficiencies or removes obstructions.

The Valley Spirit never dies.

It is named the Mysterious Female.

And the Doorway of the Mysterious Female

is the base from which Heaven and Earth sprang.

It is there within us all the while:

draw upon it as you will, it never runs dry.

Infertility can be cured only when we combine treatment with patience, action with hope, results with a willingness to recognize true healing.  And always remember, the Mysterious Female resides within you.  With gentle nurturing, you can reclaim the blessing of your fertility.


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