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Auricular Therapy


Auriculotherapy1Auricular Therapy is a safe, effective stimulation of nerve endings on the outer ears to help balancing and normalizing a range of physiological and psychological functions.  These acupressure points send a message to the brain based on the location of the reflex point being treated.  It serves as an alternative treatment for people who do not like the needles.

Whether you’re looking for rapid pain relief, addiction recovery, stress management or health improvement, auricular therapy has achieved results for thousands of years—often more quickly and powerfully than any other treatment. Auricular Therapy focuses on correcting underlying energy imbalances to get rapid results. Properly administered, Auricular Therapy often provides faster results than any other treatment.


Uses of Auricular Therapy:

auricular therapy 2

  • Musculoskeletal Problems
  • Overcoming the five primary Addictions: Smoking, Food, Gambling, Sex and Work
  • Pain Management
  • Compulsive Disorders
  • Internal Disorders
  • Weight Management
  • ADHD 

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