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Dr. Steven Aung

Event 1. Gong with Aung: Self-Cultivation and Self-Care for Wellness. TCM Secrets of Wellness, Well Being and Enhanced Quality of Life

Dr Aung will demonstrate:
i) acupuncture for general wellness, and ii) qi gong for general wellness and self-cultivationIn addition, audience will be invited to join Dr Aung on stage to show how certain health issues could be resolved.

Event 2.  Gong with Aung: Physical, Mental and Spiritual Exercise

Background.  There are many complementary medical modalities. Some pertain to visualization, some to the ears and the auditory system, some to touch, some to oral treatments and medications and so on. Even though there is tremendous variety in these areas, most of the effective diagnostic and treatment protocols are associated with energy. Many of these modern complementary and integrative approaches are oriented toward prevention and self-care. In terms of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), these are regarded as various aspects of Qi (vital energy). TCM diagnosis encompasses various techniques such as inquiry, inspection, palpation, auscultation/olfactory as well as other specific procedures such as auricular, tongue, hand and Shen (spirit) diagnosis. This is a holistic, integrative process, and the treatment follows along the same lines, with the aim being to relieve the pain and restore the harmony and well-being of the patient. Western medicine is well known for its scientific approach, and this is very useful for accurately detecting and measuring various pathophysiological conditions such as those pertaining to heart disease, cancer and arthritis. However, biomedicine is oriented toward pharmaceutical and surgical treatment and has not yet developed a concept of the holistic human being. It is excellent in emergency situations in order to quickly stabilize patients and monitor their state of relative homeostasis. For longer term care and prevention, TCM and the various complementary therapies have a vital role to play. The different systems of primary care should work together in a harmonious manner for the health and wellbeing of our dear patients. We should always try to use the best of the various approaches in a competent, conservative, communicative and compassionate manner. Safety and efficacy must continue to be our primary concerns as family physicians and practitioners.

This interactive demonstration of the most powerful healing art, Qi Gong, aims to educate the audience through hands-on experience to foster appreciation for the importance of human energy in maintaining healthy internal balance. Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) encompasses several major therapeutic modalities, but the therapy that most directly applies not only to patients in becoming healthy but also to practitioners in becoming healers is Qi Gong. Qi Gong has always been part of the basic training of TCM—as a therapy for patients and as a preventive and self-care strategy for both patients and health care practitioners. The basic building blocks of Qi Gong are breathing, concentration, and posture/movement exercises. Breathing exercises are important because the breath is a major source of Qi. Focusing on breathing facilitates one’s awareness of and control over the flow of Qi. The aim is to keep Qi circulating smoothly and harmoniously throughout the body, mind, and spirit. Concentration exercises are a more disciplined form of breathing in order to gain more precise control of the flow of Qi. Posture/movement exercises are a more dynamic and elaborate expression of breathing and concentration. Spirituality is an important aspect of Qi Gong, which is why exercises such as the Inner Smile are practiced in conjunction with the offering of blessings to all sentient beings and appreciation of nature. Qi Gong enhances awareness of vital energy and stimulates a sense of compassion. It facilitates the transfer of positive energy from the practitioner to the patient, and helps transform medical professionals into genuine healers. Energy can also be received from the external environment, and Dr. Aung will demonstrate how the energy provided by nature can be retained and recycled for maximal health. At the end of the session, Dr. Aung will answer questions to delve further into the dense topic of Qi Gong.

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